A Life, Objectively

A Life, Objectively
By: Jehangir Saleh
Written: December 1, 2006

it began with dethroned roses
soft pink petals that removed themselves over three days
on the fourth, the stem stood naked
limping crudely towards the left
his object no longer carried affection
it was wilt and vulnerable
but complimented her ignorance

in order to propose marriage
he found an object of permanence –
the pear diamond covered the flesh bulge
on her left middle finger –
he frequently thought about it being lodged
in the digestive track of an alligator, or possibly
poisoning a rat
and decided not to be bitter
after being flushed out of her life

during the war
employed at the Boeing Aircraft Company
the talent in his worn hands
would tame harsh metal
into perfect square sheets
six of which joined a B-29 Bomber
that dropped an object
filled with evil and atomic energy

his supervisor was impressed
six flawless, brilliant objects
that dented the future

in the fifties
he lived in his shop
sculpting wooden objects that were shaped
like choo-choo trains, rodeo horses, frowning clowns
he was once commissioned a metallic piece
but refused

53 trains, 47 horses, 94 clowns later
they buried him
without mourners
only by his most treasured object:
a bull pin hammer
that marked the dirt where
he remained

we have misplaced his name
he’s just an object
(as are you)
so there is nothing
to feel sorry for

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