Mom & Dad

By: Jehangir Saleh
Written: April 24, 2008

In this book there is a past, present and future all at once.

Let me explain…

The idea behind this book was to create a reflection on what you have built together. It is to gather the voices of those who love you, whose lives you have touched. It is to give you a sense of the past, but only so you have a sense of where you might go in the future.

This is also a book about those who have been meaningful to you. Who have helped shape your past, and will help carry you into the future. In some important way, you couldn’t tell a story about either one of you without making reference to some of the people, events and narratives inside this book.

This book is also about the past because it is in the past where our hidden meanings are. It is in the past that we bury things, whether they by sad, happy, difficult or joyous. We often think we can just leave them in the past, but we can’t: they come back and emerge in our present whether want them to or not.

So this book is also about the present. By looking at the past, we have a sense of how we have gotten to the present. The present is made up the things we experience now. Feeling about the past is something done in the present. Thinking toward the future is something done in the present. The present is where we are: it is where we are free, for it is where we must decide, based on our past, what to do next.

And so, finally, we come to the future. The future is something still undetermined, because it hasn’t happened yet. But we can have a sense of our future in the present by looking at our past. The future is both exciting and scary. The future means things will be different; things will change. The scary part is perhaps not that things will be difficult, but that the future invites us to choose differently than we have in the past. The future calls us to make choices, to make our present situation different through our actions.

This book tells a story about where you came from (the past), how you go to be where you are (the present) and where you might be going (the future).

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