Mid Afternoon The Season Changes

Mid Afternoon The Season Changes
By: Jehangir Saleh
Written: September 21, 2010

limbs sigh
trunk uprooted
leaves were, all along, full of blood

fished from a muddy stream
lungs compete to make larger
a wet sand pale
chest cavity

little wind

leaves fall

reuniting on the floor

a tiny furnace for decay
covers paths made through my body

was I here?

still breathing.

the river manages a small tide.

wind labours down the sand pale.

fish rattle

i am dripping laundry in the dirty breeze

the final movements of a rapidly freezing river

the flag of a war torn country

the empty house, black smoke spewing

the sounds of my native language

a bird
and the sky, all along, a series of open windows
now slowly being shut
before food travels through my veins
i inject my pancreas into my thigh

my muscles belong to whomever
wheels my body

yesterday they kept my liver running

had to shock my heart
back into me

people trip on my penis
pooling piss at their feet

lungs inhale though

i can’t stop them

two more days:
your body barely lit

i remember

from your organs
growing buttercups in the kitchen

bleeding in jars
to save on flashlight batteries

beside you, so much light
i couldn’t sleep

secretions glow

light lingers



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